Well Ladies And Gentlemen......

     It's finally here.  My latest project "Worship: New Song Of Praise."  It's certainly been a year in the making and then some.  Please click the highlighted title or go directly to the "CDs and MP3s" page listed above or right here.  I hope you find the new music to be a blessing.  God Bless....Tommy Job 

"Tommy Job's 'New Song of Praise' is one of the most accessible worship projects I've heard in the last few years. The flow and sing-a-bility of the music and lyrics make it easy to enter into a personal time of worship and praise. It is everything a worship album should be."

Kyle Liedtke, Music Director, KNLR/KNLX (Oregon)

Tommy Job has a fantastic sound that will appeal to listeners of all ages.  His soulful voice brings a fresh dimension to worship music today.  I encourage you to check out Tommy Job!

Barry Landis(Former president of Word Records) | Founder and CEO Landis Entertainment & Media Partners

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